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HMDAC is a subcommittee of HPOA that works closely with the City’s landscape maintenance department to take care of landscaped areas that are part of the Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District (HMD). These areas include the Hiddenbrooke Parkway, the waterfall at the entrance, the gazebo and grass area at the Bennington/Parkway intersection (Reflections Park), the Bennington toddler play area (Bennington Park), most monuments at the entrance to individual neighborhoods, the open space, fire breaks, and trails within Hiddenbrooke, and a few other scattered landscape areas around Hiddenbrooke, including the planted area at the entrance to the Orchards, and the Orchards’ walnut grove. The HMD is also responsible for maintaining the St. John’s Mine Rd. utility corridor between Columbus Parkway and Hiddenbrooke. HMD does not maintain landscaped areas within communities with a separate HOA (The Village, Fairway Villas, Reflections, or Summit).  See Hiddenbrooke maps for details on the HMD-maintained areas.

The majority of the routine landscaping is carried out by a private company through a multi-year contract with the City of Vallejo, with annual renewals subject to satisfactory performance. The landscape contracts and other work are supervised by the City of Vallejo Landscape Maintenance District (LMD), part of the Public Works Department. 

Currently, the Committee is focusing on a major re-landscaping plan for the Hiddenbrooke Parkway, from the waterfall to just beyond the Welcome Center. A conceptual plan has been finalized, and the City will be working on preparing detailed plans for bidding by contractors.

Over the years, the Committee has been the driving force behind many projects in Hiddenbrooke, including the ones listed below:

  • Creating the sand-pit and toddler play area at Bennington Park.
  • Adding the gazebo and shade structures to the Reflections mini-park.
  • Replacing aging wooden benches with more attractive, comfortable, and durable metal benches.
  • Adding benches to create a wilderness viewing area at the beaver pond by the Orchards.
  • Replacing the rutted asphalt walkway along the 18th hole with a new concrete path.
  • Slurry sealing the walkway along the Parkway from the Welcome Center to the entrance.
  • Enhancing landscaping in various areas beyond the Parkway (e.g. Shade Tree Circle)
  • Enhancing landscaping around various neighborhood monuments.
  • Adding new planting and irrigation improvements along sections of the Parkway.


BUDGET: The HMDAC comments on the HMD budget prepared each year by the City, which typically is in the $700,000 to $800,000 range. The HMD is funded by an assessment on each parcel in Hiddenbrooke which appears on the real estate tax bill and is currently $695 per developed lot. The HMDAC strives to keep expenses and City overhead down to make sure that Hiddenbrooke homeowners are getting the greatest bang for the buck in terms of money spent.

The WELCOME CENTER is a City building and is used by the unarmed security guards hired by HPOA and are on duty 24/7.  HPOA has a long-term agreement with the City to hire and manage security guards (currently Allied Universal Security Services) and a volunteer community member (Welcome Center Manager) oversees daily operations. The HMD budget is used tp pay for the security guards as well as for the upkeep and maintenance needed for the Welcome Center building. The Welcome Center is outfitted with digital cameras that can read license plates, and recordings from these cameras have been used by law enforcement to help investigate crimes in Hiddenbrooke. Additionally, the security guards conduct random vehicle patrols throughout the community on each shift. As a reminder, security guards do not have police powers and their main functions are to observe and report. In an emergency, residents should call 911 first and then the Welcome Center (707) 694-1530. The security guards are trained in CPR and until an Ambulance and the Fire Department arrive, will act as good Samaritans (not trained EMTs or Paramedics).


The Hiddenbrooke Park was built by the City of Vallejo and is maintained by the Greater Vallejo Recreational District (GVRD). The Park opened on May 16, 2015. Click here for photos of the park ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Hiddenbrooke Parkway Project

This major project is complete and the Parkway looks terrific! We appreciate all the hard work done by McGuire and Hester. They will be back off & on for a couple of months to monitor the irrigation system and to replace plants as needed.  


Please call the LMD Inspector of Vallejo James Olsen at (707) 649-3417 to voice your concerns or report any problems after consulting with the maps posted above.  Thank you.

Stop! Don’t Top!

Take care when trimming large street trees! “Topping” ruins street trees which are a signature feature of our community. Click here for more information.

Street trees also need a vertical clearance of 10 ft over sidewalks and 14 ft over the street. 

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