Hiddenbrooke Community Online

When homeowners purchased their homes, they agreed to comply with the CC&Rs for the Hiddenbrooke community. The most frequently referenced sections of the CC&Rs are:

CC&R Complaint Procedure

How to File a Complaint: If you have a CC&R complaint you would like the HPOA Board to review you must log into your resident portal to file the complaint. Make sure to provide a description of the violation, a photo if possible, your name, address, and your phone number. The identity of the person making the complaint will not be made public. Once a complaint is submitted the Board’s deliberations remain confidential. If you have any questions about the CC&R process, you can contact HIDDENBR@circamail.com or call 1-866-473-2573 Monday – Friday 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • If you have received a Courtesy Notice: A Courtesy Notice informs you that a complaint has been filed by another homeowner or a violation has been observed on one of the regular Verification Drives that are made throughout the community. The Courtesy Notice provides a 15-day period for you to correct the violation and notify the CC&R Manager. If you have questions about how to correct a violation, please contact the CC&R Manager.
  • If you have received a Final Notice: A Final Notice informs you that the property has been inspected after the 15-day period provided in the Courtesy Notice and that the violation still exists. It will also provide the date for a hearing before the Board at which time a fine will be considered. If you correct the violation before the hearing date, please inform the CC&R Manager.
  • Fines: If the Board has a hearing and no information is presented to the effect that the violation has been corrected or that there are extenuating circumstances, a fine will be assessed. You will then receive a letter with the results of the hearing and the amount of the fine. Fines start at $50 per month, and after two (2) months increase to $100 per month. When a violation is corrected, the fines up to that point are still owed to the Association.
  • Barking Dogs: What about dogs that bark all the time? The best advice is to talk to your neighbors. If the problem persists, the City of Vallejo does have a nuisance ordinance for animals, and you can call (707) 645-7906 to report a problem or file a complaint with Solano County Animal Control.
  • Hearings: You are entitled to a Hearing at any time before the Board to address a CC&R violation or a fine. To appeal a violation or fine, you will need to submit a Hearing Form.
  • Collections: Homeowners that have not paid past assessments and/or accumulate large amounts of fines may be sent to Collection and can incur substantial additional fees when this occurs. Once an account has been sent to Collection, all further communications will need to go to the Collection agency.