How big is Hiddenbrooke?

Hiddenbrooke has about 1,220 homes located in nine different developments within the community. There are a still some vacant lots for new homes in locations around the community. Hiddenbrooke is surrounded by 700 acres of permanent open space that has various owners and managers, including the Greater Vallejo Recreational District and the Solano Land Trust.

Is the Hiddenbrooke Golf Club public or private?

The Hiddenbrooke Golf Club is a premier championship golf course operated by Troon Golf as a public facility. The Arnold Palmer designed golf course has earned 4.5 stars by Golf Digest – the highest rating of any golf course in Northern California. In addition to platinum annual golf memberships, Hiddenbrooke residents can purchase the new Lifestyle Membership beginning November 1st, 2018 to gain full access to Hiddenbrooke Golf Course amenities, including the pool, tennis and fitness facilities. For more information click here.

What is the main group that is involved with the community?

There is one primary association that serve the residents of Hiddenbrooke - the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (HPOA). The Owners Association tab has a great deal of information about HPOA.

The HPOA is a mandatory association for all homeowners and enforces the CC&Rs. Dues are currently $70 per year per household. The seven (7) Board members are elected by the community and volunteer their time. Prior to the formation of HPOA, the Hiddenbrooke Community Association (HCA), established in 2003, served as a voice for the people of Hiddenbrooke in dealing with the City of Vallejo and Triad and was the key community organization. HCA developed committees such as the Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District (HMD) Advisory Committee, social, golf, and safety committees and generally helped establish the feeling of community that is so unique to Hiddenbrooke. HCA was also instrumental in establishing the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (HPOA) in 2006, an entity which would be responsible for enforcement of the Covenant, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) and overseeing the Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee. After HPOA was formed, HCA continued as a volunteer organization with over 100 members, focusing on providing social events, organizing National Night Out, running a charity golf tournament and spearheading the drive to get a Park in Hiddenbrooke. HCA also continued to manage the Welcome Center security guard contract and oversee the City landscape maintenance work, until these responsibilities were eventually transferred to HPOA. Finally, at the end of 2012 it was decided to dissolve HCA and have all the different community functions incorporated under HPOA.

What is the Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District?

The Hiddenbrooke Maintenance District maintains and improves the landscaping in the community along the main entrance road, around the monuments, and the various parks. Your property taxes pay for this work.

What are CC&Rs?

Every homeowner signed a set of Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CC&Rs) when they purchased a home in Hiddenbrooke. The CC&Rs are designed to keep Hiddenbrooke a beautiful and attractive place to live for all residents, while also preserving the value of our homes. Basically the CC&Rs require homeowners to maintain a nice appearance for their homes and yards and to not create any nuisances for their neighbors by their actions. If there is no one living in a house, due to a foreclosure or other condition, HPOA will provide basic gardening service to ensure front yards are neat and tidy. 

How does HPOA enforce the CC&Rs?

When a CC&R complaint is filed (see the Owners Association tab, CC&R Information for filing CC&R complaints), HPOA will investigate the complaint and work with homeowner to correct any violation. If not corrected, fines may be levied. For the developments with their own HOAs, complaints should be submitted to these HOAs first.  

Can I appeal a CC&R violation?

Yes, simply fill out a form on the CC&R Information page (click here, and scroll down a bit), and the Board will schedule a hearing at which you can discuss the alleged violation.  

I’m a new owner. How long do I have to correct an existing CC&R Violation?

We realize that new owners may have difficulty correcting CC&R violations at a home that has not been maintained for some time or has some other major problem. The HPOA would like to see violations addressed within 30 days of move in, but will work with new homeowners on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee?

The Hiddenbrooke Architectural Review Committee (HARC) approves any alterations or additions to a home or landscaping. The Committee has five members who live in the community.

What types of projects require approval by HARC?

Most all projects on your house or front or backyards will require approval by HARC, (including, but not limited to, adding/removing lawns and plants, landscape hardscape, driveways, fences, walls, patios and decks, spas/pools, built-in barbeques, paint colors for houses and trim, and all plans for new Custom Homes).  Please see the HARC website for information on submitting projects to HARC. A permit from the City will also be needed in many cases.

I’m a realtor/Title company, where can I get the escrow transfer information?

Just click here, and you will be directed to the Financial Manager's page within the Owners Association tab where you will find all the information you need.

Is everyone who lives in Hiddenbrooke in a homeowner association?

There are four developments in Hiddenbrooke with their own homeowner associations and separate CC&Rs – The Village, Fairway Villas, Reflections, and Summit. Everyone who lives in Hiddenbrooke is also a member of the Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association (described above).

What’s the number for the Welcome Center?

The Welcome Center number is (707) 558-9697. If the staff is out on patrol, your call will be forwarded to the Allied Universal Security Services call center and directed as appropriate.

How do I report broken sprinklers and landscaping issues in the HMD areas?

Please help us keep our landscaping beautiful and conserve water by reporting irrigation system problems along the Parkway and in other HMD-maintained areas to the City by calling Sean Norris at (707) 648-5279.  Please provide a reference point for the broken sprinkler and time of day.  The light poles all have numbers and are a good reference point.

What is planned for Hiddenbrooke in the future?

The design, environmental and construction of I-80 Interchange improvements; Hiddenbrooke Parkway Landscape Rehabilitation, and erosion repairs to St. John's Mine Road.


Disclaimer:  Information presented on this web site is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of Hiddenbrooke owners, buyers and sellers by members of the mandatory Hiddenbrooke Property Owners Association, Inc. While every effort is made to keep such information accurate and up-to-date, the Association does not certify the accuracy of any information that is provided on this web site. We encourage all who read it to do their own research and/or obtain their own advice from their legal advisors.